frequently asked questions

How long until I can expect my artwork to arrive?

All the artworks are individually created and will be with you within 28 working days.

Do you do any more sizes?

We can create an artwork of any size that you wish, you need to visit the custom designs page.

I have lots of drawings and paintings from my children but how do I know which one will be the most suitable for the process?

Most media that children have used to create their pictures are suitable, artbyheart can even work with a light pencil drawing on lined paper, even if it looks faint, felt tip, pastel, oil paint, poster paint, crayon, biro, ink pen. If you have a particular query then please contact us through our contact page.

Do I get to approve my artwork before I receive it?

Yes, artbyheart will email you a proof for your approval. Once approved we will begin to create your artwork.

Can I send you more than one picture?

Absolutely, if you are having difficulty in choosing which one you would like made up into an artwork then send us a couple and we can decide which one would work best at the format and size you have selected.

How much does it cost?

The price of the final product depends on the options you select as you go through the order process see our pricing guide for further information.

What if I have more than one child I would like to feature on the artwork?

If you visit the custom designs page of the website you will see there are some design choices available if you have more than one child, if you still need to ask artbyheart a question then please use our contact page.

Will the colours I choose on screen be the same as on the canvas?

There is no guarantee that the colours will be exactly the same, computer screens vary in their colour reproduction. If you do however require a specific colour to match a room or fabric then please email us with the details, we will need either an RGB swatch or a cmyk swatch or a swatch of the fabric/sample of paint colour.

What about copyright of my image?

By sending us an image you are automatically acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of the image or that you have obtained permission from the copyright owner in written form, which permits us to print it in accordance with your order.

Can I place an order and arrange for it to be sent to another address?

Absolutely, you can specify the delivery address when ordering.

I have placed my order, where do I send my drawings/paintings/photos?

Please send all the material you wish included in your artwork to: artbyheart, 1 Bakers Row, Breage, Helston, Cornwall TR13 9PH United Kingdom

How do I care for a canvas artwork?

To prolong the lifespan of your canvas it’s a good idea not to expose it to continuous sunlight or moisture. Don’t clean it with a damp cloth but lightly vacuum with a brush attachment to get rid of any dust on the surface. The inks used to print your canvas are guaranteed for 75 years.

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