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Like many parents, artist and designer Sarah Hayes never quite knew what to do with her children's quirky but wonderful paintings and drawings.

So she picked her favourites and transformed them into colourful, funky prints, personalising each one with a significant phrase, a birthdate or photograph, giving a whole new twist to photo art. Her friends saw them, loved them and she was soon inundated with orders.

So artbyheart was launched, and now Sarah specialises in making art that looks good in any room of the house and will far outlive the nursery years.

Two boys sitting on a piano playing with dinosaurs

Sarah said: "I have always been enchanted by the naivety of my children's drawings, but so often they ended up in a pile somewhere and I never knew quite what to do with them.

"I made a print of a really sweet drawing my daughter Lily did, and it just took off from there."

Sarah can include a poem, a phrase or message, a date or any wording that captures a special time in a child's life. Pictures can be made larger or smaller - imagine a tiny drawing transformed into a large scale print, creating contemporary art with real impact.

artbyheart appeals to parents, grandparents, friends or anyone looking for a truly unique gift for a Christening, birthday or Christmas present - or a cool piece of art for their own walls.

Child in the kitchen proudly holding his picture

from small drawings to large artworks…

We can take the smallest of images and use it to create a large canvas or print. Childrens intricate little drawings in non colour fast pens are often too small to look good in a frame and also fade fast so artbyhearts prints will capture the brightness of the colours and enlarge the pictures to show off the detail beautifully.

Don’t worry about the quality, even if there is a tea stain on the artwork we can do something with it. Send it to us and we will let you know if we will be able to turn it into an artwork.

Child sitting on the stairs proudly holding her picture

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